Fire Fly Simulator

A Java based simulation of how fireflies synchronise with each other under different circumstances.

The basic principle of how fireflies synchronise with each other is that each fire fly has a cycle in which they charge their flash for a certain amount of time, in which if a neighbouring fire fly flashes, the cycle will be reset from the beginning. If however they become fully charged without being reset (known as the threshold), then after they reach the end of their cycle they will flash, and begin the charging cycle again. If under the right circumstances then the neighbourhood of fireflies will all become synchronised and flash at the same time together.

Parameters that can be changed are; the amount of fireflies in the X and Y axis, length of the cycle to fully charge and discharge a flash, and the charging threshold.

This was created during my second year at university, as part of my natural computation module.

Download (Requires Java)

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