Curriculum Vitae

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Jamie D. Pitts

"A Senior Software Engineer with an interest in working on cloud based back-end systems. Graduated with both a First class Computer Science degree from the University of Birmingham, and a Masters degree in Software Engineering from the University of Bradford (Distinction). Has effective team-working skills, and is highly motivated to work with the latest technologies in computing. Currently living in Toronto, ON, Canada."


2016 - 2018
MSc Software Engineering and Internet Architecture, University of Bradford
Part time degree which was studied alongside my current job. Modules studied include:
  • Advanced Database Systems
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Mining
  • 2011 - 2014
    BSc (Hons) in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science 1:1 (First), University of Birmingham
    First class classification in first, second, and third years, achieving a final average of 80%. Modules including;
  • Machine Learning - 87%
  • Introduction to AI - 92%
  • Logic Programming - 89%
  • Software System Components (Java) - 94%
  • 2009 - 2011
    Sixth Form - Fearnhill Mathematics and Computing College
  • A Level: Mathematics - Grade A
  • A Level: Computing - Grade A
  • A Level: Physics - Grade B
  • As Level: Further Mathematics - Grade A
  • 2004 - 2009
    Fearnhill Mathematics and Computing College
    GCSEs: 9 A*'s and 3 A's including Maths and English

    Work Experience

    2018 - 2020
    Senior Software Engineer at British Broadcasting Corporation
    Working in the Data Systems team (responsible for back-end products in News + Weather), acting as a technical lead on projects, and helping to design and architect new cloud based products that we are developing. I have had experience in mentoring and training new/graduate placement members of the team, helping grow their skills from little to no enterprise software experience, to writing and deploying production code.

    During my time in this position I have worked on:

    • Leading our teams transition to a new CI workflow, making use of JenkinsFile pipelines, and Docker containers, to allow for a more efficient and simpler way of getting our code deployed.
    • Built an onward journeys recommendation system for news articles and the world service sites that we support from the ground up. Working with data scientists to create a highly scalable and available system that can provide personalised recommendations to users, using a variety of in-house developed recommendation systems. Technically, this is a cloud based RESTful API service consisting of multiple Spring Boot micro-service components running on AWS EC2 instances. Uses multiple levels of caching along with automated scaling policies, to provide a reliable service capable of handling thousands of requests per second.
    • Most recently I led the development into deploying the BBC's new Image Digital Asset Management system: The Grid. This involved taking an open source Scala based multi-service project, deploying a rudimentary prototype version of it into the BBC's cloud ecosystem for a feasibility study, before re-purposing it for the BBC's needs and deploying it into a resilient microservice environment. I was tasked with identifying and managing the requirements as set out by the product owner, creating a development plan and delegating the work to be done. As The Grid was originally created by The Guardian, this project involved closely collaborating with their team and also involved contributing back to the open source project.

    2016 - 2018
    Software Engineer at British Broadcasting Corporation
    Software engineer working on the back-end systems for News. The team is responsible for a number of products, including; election systems, and the BBC's News mobile application back end.

    Our services are primarily developed for the cloud, making heavy use of Amazon Web Services. Most code is written using Java, using technologies such as Spring, and Apache (Camel, TomCat) to create highly scalable RESTful services.

    Working in an agile environment, with daily stand ups, and fortnightly sprints. As a small team we have direct contact with the business analysts, and the product team, so we can influence and discuss how to make our software as great as possible - whilst still meeting the required functionality.

    Notable projects I have worked on:

    • Sitemap Generator: A cloud based system to generate, and keep updated sitemaps for all content available across the BBC, with the aim to increase SEO. Makes heavy use of a PostgreSQL database, along with AWS lambda functions to keep the sitemap files constantly up to date. I acted as the technical lead; designing the architecture, working with product managers to gather requirements, and leading the development of the software.
    • Elections: Results service that allows for the ingestion of raw data, persisting, transforming, and enriching it to the required JSON structure for the front-end website. It also provides a RESTful service and admin client for journalists to modify result data. Elections include the 2017 General Election, and the 2016 US Presidential Election.

    2014 - 2016
    Graduate Developer at British Broadcasting Corporation
    Various software development roles, rotating around various areas of the corporation, allowing me to experience different software systems and to learn new skills.

    Teams worked on:

    • News Back End Systems: Developing the cloud-based back end system that processes all data used by online and red button for the BBC's General Election 2015 coverage
    • News Apps: Team set up to create and maintain the BBC news mobile applications. I worked as part of the Android development team, where I created and integrated Android Wear functionality into the main app, and also helped to fix bugs, and add features on to the main app.
    • iSite: Internal CMS system used for storing content of the various BBC web pages. Worked on maintaining the existing code base; both on the front end and back end systems. Made improvements, and provided out of hours support to the cloud-based 'Tool Authentication' system which allows for BBC staff to log into tools based websites off the BBC network.

    2010 - 2014
    Customer Advisor at Argos
    Working at different positions in the store, including; till work, stock picking, customer service, handing out catalogues, and deliveries.

    2006 - 2008
    Student ICT Technician (Volunteer)
    Helping students and staff with any computer related problems, general computer maintenance.

    2004 - 2010
    Paper Round
    Delivering papers in my local area promptly on a weekly basis

    Technical Skills

    Android, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Apache Camel, CI, Cucumber, Continuous Integration, Git, Gradle, HTML, Java, Jackson, JAXB, JSON, JUnit, LaTeX, MarkLogic, Maven, MySQL, PostgreSQL, RESTful APIs, Scala, Spring, Unix, XML


    • Recognition Award - General Election 2015: Special recognition award for work done on the general election 2015 project
    • Achieving a first class mark in all my first year Computer Science related modules with an average percentage of 85
    • Best GCSE and AS results in my year at school
    • Silver CREST award in engineering and science (2009) for my electronics project at school
    • Silver award in the UK mathematics challenge (2009)
    • Becoming a Scout young leader
    • Receiving my drivers license after passing the test first time, and also gaining the Pass Plus certificate.

    Hobbies and Interests

    • Strong passion for music; attend many concerts and festivals each year. In university, I was in both the rock and metal societies which I attended meet-ups for weekly
    • Had a shared ownership with a horse, which I rode and looked after on a regular basis
    • Currently learning to play both the drums and guitar
    • Learnt the basics of flying an aeroplane whilst in Air Cadets, which I have been able to put to practise a handful of times
    • Was a member of the 'Computer Science Society' at university, and have a keen interest in technology and the latest technological advances
    • An interest in the world of space
    • Enjoy watching football; I am a fan member of a Premier League football team, and so attend the stadium frequently to watch matches

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